Introduction of the Japan Library Group

The Japan Library Group was founded in 1966 in the United Kingdom and at present (2014) has members representing twenty academic library institutions.

The original objectives of the JLG were to pool experience and resources in the development of holdings of Japanese language materials (both serials and monographs) for Japanese Studies in national and university libraries in Britain, and to foster fluent communication between librarians and the academics.

Its activities have since expanded to include various projects that support these objectives. Among its most notable achievements are the Japanese Union Catalogue projects and The Tenri Antiquarian Materials Workshops.

The JLG holds meetings twice a year in spring and autumn and presents an annual summary of its activities to The National Committee for Information Resources on Asia (NACIRA). It is an active participant in the national interlibrary loan scheme, and plays a prominent role in The European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists (EAJRS).

Given the continuing pressures on funding for Japan-related resources in the UK, the JLG seeks to co-operate on acquisitions on an informal basis. It also actively explores ways of achieving better co-operation with institutions in Japan and elsewhere.

The present Chairman of the JLG is Mr Hamish Todd, Asian & African Studies, The British Library. The Secretary is Ms Fujiko Kobayashi, SOAS, University of London.